Calima™ Forced Air Warming

Is widely accepted that Inadvertent Hypothermia is common among surgical patients and can result in serious complications. Forced air warming has been proven as one of  the most effective methods of warming a patient , maintaining normothermic temperatures and preventing the complications associated with Hypothermia.

The cost of implementing warming systems is easily offset by the savings in treating the complications of intraoperative hypothermia1 (Tanner,J, 2011).

The Calima is the most powerful, versatile and compact convective Forced Air Warming system on the market with a complete blanket range suitable for most procedures.

Powerful, Versatile & Quiet – 3 turbine speeds and 4 temperature settings to optimize performance, matching power to clinical requirements and ensuring noise levels are kept to a minimum.

Compact & Robust –  Small and light weight, which makes it easy to set up, move and stable when mounted on trolley, I. V pole or by the patient.

User friendly– Simple user interface makes it easy to use and carry out routine maintain.

Safe – Failsafe mechanisms to ensure temperature control and patient safety according the the latest standard…..  X times per second.

Light & flexible hose– MRI compatible with easy connection and secure swivel connector.

Complete Blanket range – 15 types of blanket to cover all procedures.